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Hosted Exchange 2013

"With Hosted Exchange 2013, you can work anywhere, your data is secure, your email, calendar and contacts are always and everywhere within your reach."

Why Hosted Exchange 2013?

Share email, contacts and calendar with colleagues and access your email, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks where ever you are in the world. Now you can work professionally and flexible with Spango Internet Hosted Exchange 2013.

Hosted Exchange is a product based on the popular Microsoft Exchange 2013. Besides handeling emails, Hosted Exchange has the possibility to use and maintain calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. When using more than one account you can share email, calendars and contacts with colleagues. All your data can be accessed thru the user friendly Outlook Web App Interface (with the look and feel of Outlook 2013), as well as on your local Outlook on your office or home PC and your mobile device (Smartphones, Tablets). With all these options you will have a professional and accessible Hosted Exchange 2013 emailsolution.

With our Hosted Exchange 2013 solution, your company can use the powerful Microsoft Exchange 2013 functionalities without having to invest in expensive hardware, software, implementation and maintenance costs. This adds our Hosted Exchange services up to be a reliable, safe, secure and very affordable solution for your business email.
Spango Internet Hosted Exchange2013  is also suitable for Apple users, using Outlook for Mac 2011.

PopulairHosted Exchange 2013
  • From € 4.50 per month
  • 99,95% uptime guaranteed
  • Spam-, virus -and malwarefiltering
  • 25 GB storage per emailbox
  • Outlook, Mobile and OWA in sync
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Real technical support
Pay-as-you-goYes We Can
Hosted Exchange 2013 is contract free! Once a month we check how many mailboxes are in use and we bill accordingly, even if there are less emailboxes then before. That is what we call flexible.

Shared Storage

For each mailbox you get 25 GB of shared storage. This storage can be shared within all the emailboxes you are using.

“Hosted Exchange 2013; professional, safe, secure, reliable, functional and affordable."

The features and prices of Hosted Exchange 2013

PrijslabelHosted Exchange 2013 v/a 4,50Hosted Exchange 2013 v/a 4,50Hosted Exchange 2013 v/a 4,50Hosted Exchange 2013 v/a 4,50
Exchange 2013 accounts12 to 45 to 2425+
Storage per account25 GB20 GB15 GB12.5 GB
Possible shared storage 25 GB40 till 80 GB75 till 360 GB312.5 GB +
Price per month per emailbox€ 6,00€ 5,50€ 5,00€ 4,50


Extra shared Hosted Exchange 2013 storage

The additional shared storage will start after all your shared diskspace is used (number of mailboxes x a minimum of 12.5 GB = Total shared storage). We don't use hard limits, so you always can send and receive email.

Extra storage Hosted Exchange 2013Pricing Hosted Exchange 2013
1 GB **
€ 4.00

** Applies only when more shared storage is used then
the maximum share storage that goes with the number
of accounts.

Options Hosted Exchange 2013Pricing Hosted Exchange 2013
Outlook license PC *€ 2.00
Outlook license for Mac *€ 2.00

* Applies if you do not have Outlook software. We can provide you with an Outlook 2010 or 2013 version for the PC or Outlook 2011 version for the Mac.

All prices are per month excluding VAT.

"Only the best is good enough. We only use A grade hardware, so we guarantee optimum availability of our Hosted Exchange 2013 services."

How does the Hosted Exchange Platform works?

The Hosted Exchange 2013 platform is entirely built on a VMware ESXi environment and we also use Exchange DAG (Database Availability Group). DAG is a High Availability failover softwarelayer from Microsoft Exchange 2013 itself. Our Hosted Exchange 2013 Platform is fully dual-redundant and actively spread over two datacenters. In the third datacenter we have a mail failover MX. It is therefore possible to guarantee an uptime of 99.95%. Your data and our entire platform is localized in several Dutch datacenters.

Hosted Exchange Platform

Security of your Hosted Exchange 2013 data

Our systems are designed in a way that we can always have three copies of your data, an active, a passive and an incremental backup of 3 to 5 days. The active and passive copy are always located in opposites datacenters. In case of emergency in one of the datacenters, the passive copy in the other datacenters will become active. In the worst case, we still have a the incremental backup. Your precious data is always safe.