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About Spango Internet

Spango Internet B.V. is a fast growing, dynamic company since 2003 aiming at quality and service. Spango Internet is “a top level” business hosting provider mainly focusing on the business and SAAS services.

As ISP specialized in Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, VMware VPSses, VMware Private Clouds, VMware Resource Pools and Cloud Harddrive services, we consider ourselfs to be among the companies in The Netherlands which offer total business solutions with maximum service. Since its establishment in 2003 Spango Internet has steadily been growing and has thousends of satisfied business relations.

Spango Internet has a very diversified client base and apart from companies such as multi-nationals, fortune 500 companies and government institutions, it includes various smaller businesses. Spango Internet provides and monitors high-quality and vital company processes and internet services.

Spango Internet would like to use its long-standing experience and profound internet knowledge to make your internet activities highly successfull. Because Spango Internet has its own suites, cabinets and high-end network equipment, we can restrict our dependence on third parties to a minimum, which guarantees good, reliable service and quality.

Our team exists of highly experienced crew who are pleased to advise you about the right internet solutions for your company. After all, our slogan is:

“Our Business is Hosting Yours”