• Our networks are redundant

    This way we can guarantee the best possible uptime.

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Redundant Network

"The network of Spango Internet BV is redundant, with built in high quality Extreme Networks and HP equipment. By opting for external and internal switching with Extreme Networks and HP, a quality piece of quality is inhouse, ensuring that our high-quality network can run at all times.

Gyrocenter Datacentra NetworkAMS-IX

The core of all the services Spango Internet offers is providing a fast and reliable connection to the Internet. By delivering a redundant and high-end network, we can guarantee connectivity and speed with networks all around the world.
Our routers are connected with multiple redundant 10 Gigabit links to the worldwide web. If one of the routers fails, traffic is routed through one of the other routers. We are connected to all known internet crossings like the AMS-IX and NL-IX and with high-grade transits like Open Peering, Global Crossing, Interoute, Cogent and Tata.

The AMS-IX facilitates the physical connections as well as all internet providers in the Netherlands. This ensures a fast and stable connection from any computer.

Databarn Datacentrum NetworkWedare

At the Databarn we use the high-grade WeDare Network, the core routers and switches are in a redundant setup, once a fault should occur in one of the switches or routers, is switched to a unit that already in stand-by condition causing any downtime will be reduced to a minimum.