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R1Soft Remote Back-up Software

“R1Soft, fast, I/O efficient, incremental remote backups with bare-metal-restore and restoring individual files.”

Spango Internet and R1Soft supply a professional, but most of all secure way, of remote back-up. Worries about back-ups are a thing of the past.

R1Soft as back-up software

If you are using dedicated servers, virtual machines, co-location or rackspace with us, you can use our R1Soft remote back-up services. Your equipment will be connected to a separate private back-up network, which is connected to our back-up clusters. We will, or you can, install a R1Soft back-up agent on your equipment and setup the connection to the back-up clusters. You can select the frequency and retention of your back-ups.

You can also use our R1Soft remote back-up services from remote office locations and datancenters.

Spango Internet is official R1Soft hosting partner!R1 soft Hosting Partner

We have equipped many hundreds of servers with R1Soft. We have had to use the R1Soft bare-metal-restore function a few times already and to our joy always with 100% success. This software does what it is supposed to do!

What are the R1Soft CDP key features?

  • Very fast incremental and/or full back-ups and I/O efficient
  • Possibility to use bare-metal-restore with a full server crash
  • Webinterface for restoring files and maintaining back-ups
  • Compression of back-ups to save storage
  • Fully intergrates with cPanel, Direct Admin and Plesk
  • Works on Linux, MySQL, Windows, MSSQL
  • Your back-ups stored on- and offsite


R1Soft Remote Backup I/O load reduction

As visible in the image below, using R1Soft reduces the I/O load on your equipment or virtual machine drastically compared with the traditional ways of back-up equipment. See the below image for a good insight and understanding of the serverload reductions.

R1Soft Back-up Software IO load

Please do not hecitate to contact us for a quote or question.

For more information about R1Soft please visit the website www.r1soft.com.