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Dedicated Servers

“The best quality dedicated servers at a competitive price to suit your needs!”

Dedicated Servers and Blade servers

Dedicated Blade Servers

You wish to leave the control of your office server(s) to Spango Internet BV, which migrates your office server(s) to a managed dedicated server at a well-secured and air-conditioned datacenter, with an ultra-fast internet connection and where your valuable data is stored at an external location?

It may well be that your webshop, hosting- or internet project expands so much that you are ready for your own managed dedicated server, or you may not want to invest in hardware and co-location just yet. Or you just want to focus on other things than maintaining the software and hardware of your own server.

No company or internet demands are alike, so Spango Internet BV offers a custom-made, dedicated server for any occasion. Spango Internet BV composes a suitable hardware, software, internet anti-spam and anti-hacker/attacker configuration which meets your demands.

Spango Internet BV is an official partner to Dell BV and only works with Dell servers, which for the past five years have proven to be very reliable, sustainable and energy-friendly, leading to less CO² emission. As to software, Spango Internet can, among others, supply Microsoft Windows, Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS and Red Hat.

Spango Internet BV is also an official partner to cPanel Inc., which in the field of hosting, produces the best controlpanels in the world. We can also supply all the other controlpanels, such as Direct Admin and Plesk.

Dedicated Server Management

Spango Internet has capable employees with years of experience in the field of managing dedicated server software and applications, among which are FreeBSD, Centos, Red Hat, Debian, Unix, Linux, Wowza Media, Cpanel, Plesk, etc.. All types of management contracts can be taken. Ask us about the various options.